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Photo Gallery
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              ADCS Team @ SSTL (2000)                       ESA Philae Lander on 11/2014 (on Comet 67P)


   Sunsat-1 on launcher      SumbandilaSat reaction wheel             Philae Lander momentum wheel


    NRF rated @ Faculty of Engineering Stellenbosch University                   Skiing in Andora


                       Stellenbosch in the winter                                                        Sederberg 2002


                     SSIS Autonomous Star Tracker                                          CubeStar for Nanosats


       SumbandilaSat in Baikonur  (Sept 2009)                        Soyuz-2 during Launch Integration

Launching of 8 meter Electric Autonomous Airship (2009)


4x4 Touring in Northern Namibia (Rooidrom - June 2010)


CubeADCS (3-axis RW bundle)                          ZA-AeroSat South Africa's QB50 satellite


                           ESL Satellite Ground Station                                                   ESL Tracking Antennae

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