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Some Conference/Journal Papers

  1. Full Satellite State Determination from Vector Observations

  2. A Multi-Mode Attitude Determination and Control System for SUNSAT

  3. Pre-flight Performance of SUNSAT, South Africa's first Microsatellite

  4. A High Performance Star Sensor System for Full Attitude Determination

  5. A Low Cost Autonomous Star Camera

  6. SUNSAT - Launch and First Six Month's Orbital Performance

  7. An Attitude Control System for a Low-Cost Earth Observation Satellite

  8. An Attitude Control System and Commissioning Results of the SNAP-1 Nanosatellite

  9. In-Orbit Attitude Performance of the 3-Axis Stabilised SNAP-1 Nanosatellite

  10. Practical Results on the Development of a CMG-based Attitude Control System for Agile Small Satellites

  11. Magnetic Attitude Determination and Control for LEO Small Satellites

  12. Modelling and In-orbit Calibration Practice of a Miniature 2-Axis Analogue Sun Sensor

  13. A View Finder Control System for a Earth Observation Satellite

  14. A Dual-Wheel Multi-Mode Spacecraft Actuator for Near-Minimum-Time Large Angle Slew Maneuvers

  15. Kalman Filter Configurations for a Low-cost Loosely Integrated Inertial Navigation System on an Airship

  16. Sumbandilasat - An operational technology demonstrator

  17. An Attitude Control System for SumbandilaSAT an Earth Observation satellite


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