Research areas

My research interests are special electrical machines, novel topologies of permanent magnet machines, computer-aided design of electrical machines, finite element methods, optimisation methodologies, cooling design and analysis, renewable energy systems. Recently, my work has been focusing on magnetic gear and magnetically geared electrical machine technologies. Our research has been mainly supported by local and international companies.

Current Postgraduate Students

  • Pastellides, S. G., Development of a modular magnetically geared smart motor drive system for EV applications, MEng (2018) (Co-Supvr)
  • Botha, M. C., Evaluation of vernier machine for heavy traction application, MEng (2018)
  • Tlali, P. M., Critical evaluation of PM vernier machine technologies for wind power applications, PhD (Eng) (2015-2017)

Past Postgraduate Students

  • Agenbach, C. J., Mechanical design and analysis of a magnetic gearbox, MEng (2016-2017) (Co-Supvr) (cum laude)
  • Smit, Q., Development of a new fan drive system for dry cooling power plants, MEng (2016-2017) (deregistered)
  • Sorgdrager, A., Design optimisation of line-start permanent magnet synchronous motors, PhD (Eng), (2014-2017) (Co-Supvr: Dr Grobler)
  • Matthee, A., Development of a magnetic gear for dry-cooling power plant applications, MEng (2015-2016) (cum laude)
  • Gerber, S., Evaluation and design aspects of magnetically geared electrical machines, PhD (Eng) (2012-2015)
  • Mutize, C., Optimal design of a line-start permanent magnet motor for cooling fan applications, MEng (2010-2015) (deregistered)
  • Tlali, P. M., Design and evaluation of magnetically geared electrical machines, MEng (2012-2014)
  • Sorgdrager, A., Design of a line-start permanent magnet electrical motor, MEng, NWU, Potchefstroom, (2011-2013) (Co-Supvr)
  • Brönn, L., Design and performance evaluation of a magnetically geared axial-flux permanent magnet generator, MEng (2010-2011)

Post-doctoral Researchers

  • Chama, A., Development of advanced finite element software for electrical machines, Post-doctoral researcher (2015-2017)
  • Gerber, S., Modelling and prevention of bearing currents in inverter-driven electrical machines (2016-2017)