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In order to start using the (M4) Circuit_Macros, the following is needed:

Circuit Macros

A copy of the (M4) Circuit_Macros can be downloaded either

For more information on what the M4 Circuit_Macros are, see M4 Macros for Electric Circuit Diagrams in LaTeX Documents by Dwight Aplevich as well as the graphical examples created by Prof. Dwight Aplevich, 33 Pages of Examples, to illustrate the capabilities of the M4 Circuit_Macros.

GNU M4 Macro Processor

To process the (M4) Circuit_Macros, the GNU M4 macro processor is required.

At the time of writing, the latest version available were 1.4.17

Most POSIX distribution allready have M4 installed.

A compiled version of M4 for Windows XP can be downloaded here, m4.exe, together with the regex2.dll dependency which is also required.

For more information on the syntax of M4

No knowledge of M4 is required to used the (M4) Circuit_Macros. It is however necessary if one wants to create additional (circuit) macros.

PIC Compiler

To quote [1]:

"Pic is a language for drawing simple figures on a typesetter." [e.g. a PC] "The basic objects in pic are boxes, circles, ellipses, lines, arrows, arcs, spline curves, and text. These may be placed anywhere, at positions specified absolutely or in terms of previous objects."

The PIC compilers available are:

  • (g)pic that forms part of the GNU Troff or Groff package
  • or (preferable) dpic also written by Prof. J Dwight Aplevich

NOTE: This is NOT a compiler for Microchip's PIC Microprocessors.

For more information on the syntax of (g/d)pic

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