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General Research Areas:

The EMRIN group which I founded has its roots in 1996 after a sabbatical studying EMC in Spacecraft. The group focuses on electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and high frequency (HF) metrology. The South African Square Kilometre Array (SKA) EMC and RFI Mitigation research represents a significant focus of the present work. Dr Gideon Wiid ( continues this research as an academic. My role is as an Emeritus Professor on a 10% basis.

Electromagnetic compatibility is broadly associated with both interference (EMI) and susceptibility (EMS) of electrical and electronic systems. To improve compatibility, we depend greatly on our ability to make reliable measurements without introducing unwanted errors due to the measurement process. We attempt to visualize, through our measurements and relevant computation, currents and fields linked to the systems we are testing. In the context of the SKA, our task is to visualise the entire site which stretches nearly 100 km across, and to keep the site electromagnetically whisper-quiet. Signals from 13.5 billion years ago are not surprisingly extremely weak and EM quietness is a vital component of the South African Karoo site.

High frequency (HF) metrology is concerned with reliable measurements at high frequencies using: a) instruments such as vector network analyzers, spectrum analyzers, power meters and sampling oscilloscopes; b) facilities such as anechoic and reverberation chambers, open area test sites, and c) sensors such as E and B-field sensors, common-mode current probes, Rogowski coils, Bersier probes, etc.




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