Supplemental material for  D B Davidson, "Computational Electromagnetics for RF and Microwave

Engineering", 2nd Edition, Cambridge Univ Press, 2011.

An alternate version of the thin-wire code  in Section 4.3, not using Toeplitz symmetry.

A new code extending the thin-wire code of Section 4.3 to analyse the six-element Yagi in Section 5.3. A graph similar to Fig 5.7 is plotted (requires this file too).

A new CADFEKO file implementing the the six-element Yagi in Section 5.3. (Fig 5.5 gives a PREFEKO file for this, but there is no automatic way to convert PREFEKO to CADFEKO files).

A scattered-field implementation of the 2D FDTD example in Chapter 3 (now with some improved post-processing capability).

David B Davidson. Last updated 26 Sept 2011