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Study with industry bursaries:

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Industrial client 10 Dec 2017

A client from the Unites States has a strong interest in the development of CAD software for superconductive integrated circuit design.

We need a Master's degree student with strong programming capabilities who can work under pressure. A technology demonstrator will be developed in a powerful language such as C/C++.

Your work on this project will contribute towards your Master's Degree in E&E Engineering at Stellenbosch University, and project participants will need to spend some time at in California.

Apply by e-mail directly to Prof CJ Fourie.


Vacation work:

For December 2016 - January 2017, I offer vacation work for students interested in our research. If you are interested, solve any of the "interview" problems below, and present a solution before 20 November 2016.

This is also a good opportunity to get to know our research team if you are interested in postgraduate studies. (Naturally, it is also a good opportunity for our research team to get to know you and your abilities.


Improve solution stability for rank deficient systems of linear equations.
Demo: present a Matlab script that arrives at a better solution that the SVD method detailed in the job info package.
Download the
info package

Develop a GDS2 file merger.
Demo: present a programme that creates a new GDS2 file from the translated/rotated files listed in the job info package.

Create a meshed object.
Demo: present a programme, script and meshed object according to the instructions in the job info package.

Build a JSIM simulation model for a 4-bit Kogge-Stone carry lookahead adder.
Demo: present a JSIM deck file that tests all 16 input combinations in a transient simulation.


Data Acquisition system and server configuration for SQUID sensors
The Stellenbosch University / South African National Space Agency (SANSA) SQUID magnetometer at Hermanus needs a better data acquisition system (faster sampling, more bits) to expand our frequency range and reduce quantization noise. Do the research on the best DAQ to do the job; then implement it at Hermanus.

Experience in C++ or equivalent programming, and databases.

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