Arno Barnard, E&E Engineering Department

My current and recent involvement in projects

System engineer, and general go-to guy w.r.t. this payload.  Launched 2009.

This is part of my PhD work. Currently planning testing of a new FPGA SEE mitigation scheme.

SUMBANDILASAT – Experiment Payload

SEE Tests

My Projects

The aim is to compare and analyze efficiency of image processing algorithms for use in remote platforms on different hardware.

Image processing system for remote platform

Development of a highly reliable test system for intelligent  water heater system.

Firmware and test system for intelligent domestic electric water heaters

Network implementation and optimization on SatSim (SimPy based) simulator.

Satellite Network Optimization via Intelligent Hardware

MSc Projects—2016

Development of a highly reliable communication node for inter subsystem communication on small satellites.

Hardware implementation of an optimal communication protocol for Ground-satellite link

Development of mobile platform to characterize and detect small water leaks in urban and suburban areas..

Water leak detection platform